Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How do you get people to come back to your blog/website? :-)

There are many people in the internet marketing or network marketing industry who have a PROBLEM signing people up in their opportunities.

I have recently discovered a SOLUTION to that problem and it will be available shortly.

Imagine a company with a room full of employees who's job is to call the leads you generate and make the closing sale for you PLUS you can get post cards with leads already printed on labels so you can stamp and mail out to generate sales.

All this COMING VERY SOON with The Elite Networker :)


I know I keep adding to this old post but I am just testing something :) 

Phone - 64 2040150001 (New Zealand)

Its a never ending battle to get visitors to your blog/website so do you have a REAL solution or are you spending money just to get some visitors and hope that they will subscribe or buy from you??

WHY are top marketers jumping on the bandwagon to promote the 'latest greatest' thing virtually every week when they have a personal list of 10's of thousands or even 100's of thousands of opportunity seekers??

Its because any program they start usually gets superseeded by something else!

Bottom line folks is that if you can't see what is going to be the RIGHT NAME & system at the RIGHT PRICE then most likely you will fail to create a TRUE residual income.

How many videos/websites are you going to look at before you actually talk to someone about making money online (building a business) ???

spectators just watch the game, they don't interact : ]

Are you ready to GET PAID FROM HOME?

Are you ready to..

Very soon the full launch and hundreds of thousands of people will be flooding in so do you want an early bird position?

The Elite Networker for business

Did you know that the average wage of a New Zealand CEO is now 100 times that of the average worker, In Europe it's only 26 times. We have the biggest gap between the wealthy and poor in the OECD nations. The economy is suffering because money is circulating between a privileged few. New Zealand is no longer a land of opportunity it's the land of the wrong rich crowd. 

So do YOU really want to be just an average worker or do you want to do something about it?

What are you looking for?
With millions of people worldwide losing their jobs and having to look for work, we can no longer rely on trading time for money as the ONLY source of income.

Whether you have a good job or not or are looking for work and are in a difficult situation, you should always consider other forms of income, especially something that is simple to do and takes very little time to create RESIDUAL income (ongoing income).

The No.1 reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbours.

Napoleon Hill

So what do you want in life?

More time freedom, more money??

Have you ever had some one lead you in success or connect you with a team?

Are you ready to get started, NOW, so I can help you sooner rather than later??


People are always looking for a shortcut, or worse, a "secret" to success.

There is no "secret" just CONNECT with people :)

Do you have a blog/website and how long have you been trying to make money online/from home?

If you’ve ever tried making money on the Internet, then you probably know how confusing and overwhelming it can be. There is just TOO MUCH information out there.

You see if we can simplify the matter for everyone, then we can teach people how to succeed online by cutting through all of the confusion and showing people what works. The result is more time and money for everyone, and much less frustration.

As you know when it comes to working from home and choosing the right business, you must choose wisely, because there are a ton of businesses to choose from and a lot of them are crap. Most of the products that these businesses have are ME TOO products and you are competing with every other business with their products.

Thats why I go with the RIGHT NAME & system so people join you and STAY FOCUSED :)

I have been involved with this for more than 6 months because this will be HOME for a lot of people so I recommend you get registered BEFORE the launch! :-)

COMING SOON in The Elite Networker - Mobile-friendly, Mobile-optimized, AND Responsive-designed to open it on: Android, iPhone, iPad-mini, iPhone 6, or whatever.


I really like what Katie Freiling posted on her blog..

Here is some of the good stuff from her blog!

People are flocking to the Internet in droves because so many traditional businesses are going obsolete due to technological advances and disruptions. People are waking up from the drudgery of the 9-5 job that means nothing to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. More and more people are seeing the mind blowing new possibilities that exist because of the Internet and social media... In the early days of internet marketing, it was taught that you can throw up a capture page, buy traffic, and watch sales come in automatically. That’s now completely obsolete. People want to do business with other people, not generic sales funnels. We want connection, relationships, and we want to know the story behind what we’re buying and who we’re buying it from... When I first started online, I was taught to drive all of my traffic to one place: my website. This has now completely changed. Solo entrepreneurs who try to drive traffic to themselves alone are going to slowly drown in the new internet landscape. The people who get the most traffic these days are part of networks. This means being a part of a larger group where you can all drive traffic to each other and rise up together as a “scene” or community. Instead of thinking linearly, networks are driving traffic exponentially… from one person to another to another.

The boss can't pay you (a job is temporary) if there is not enough customers or work (contracts) so if you are smart then you will do your own thing on the side until you don't need a boss anymore.

You know what... its great to do personal videos/photos/selfies but ultimately if you want to have people finding you on the internet then you should have a good DOMAIN NAME and especially YOUR NAME established to create a REAL online presence.

Its not hard to do, but if you don't know what I am talking about then just ask me OK

You know it amazes me how many people join cheap worthless programs with crappy names and crappy websites and then they wonder why people don't join them to build a business!!
Over 99% of these make money online programs are gone in a matter of months so stop wasting your time & money (not to mention ruining your reputation) and TALK to someone who has some business sense and will answer your questions :]

HEY if you are visiting my blog for the first time or are back here for another look then I want you to know that what I am doing here is nothing compared to what you can do if you make the RIGHT CHOICE in creating an online presence!

Its not hard..

Its not hard to get traffic (visitors) to your blog/website but if people can't see that you are just being YOU then they will probably leave your site and never come back. 
( I just gave you the secret to online success :))

Listen... if you don't have enough money coming in REGUARLY then how can you help yourself and others when they may need your help??

Money as the bible says is not evil, but it is the "love" and greed of money that is.

Use it to advance the necessities of life ( I didn't say the wants) 

And if you get or make extra put it away for a rainy day.
Help others if you have too much of it.

I'd rather have too much money than not enough.


The rich are getting richer and the rest of us are struggling or going backwards financially. The rising cost of living and housing is forcing people to work more and more and that takes its toll on people's physical and mental health AND the happiness of families.



Remember you have to be positive about what you are doing otherwise you will give up after the first few months of building something online. Consistent traffic (visitors) to your blog or website is not hard to do, you just have to be YOU and do some regular inviting through social media and advertising.

Consistent work (promotion) is how an online business is built, the cost to get started is not important. If your business is like a hobby to you then don't expect to make a good profit... if any

The speech that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave is VERY INSPIRATIONAL so make sure you watch it before you leave my blog :)

‘6 Rules To Success’

Right now there are over 3 billion people on the internet.

Google predicts that the rest of the planet will be online within 5 years... which is another 4.4 billion people and growing! 

That means whoever has an ESTABLISHED BRAND right now will be at the front of the most exponential market growth in human history. Literally billions of people are about to see the internet for the first time. 

If you are one of the fortunate ones who started an online business early, you have the potential to be a hero in the eyes of the billions who are about to come online. You already have more abundance than most of the planet has ever known.

Even if you're just getting started, it's NOT too late to get on board with digital business in a way that really matters for the world. In fact, the biggest opportunities are still ahead.

Because there will be droves of new people coming online, it's even more important for all of us to join hands as a community and help each other get our messages out there.

2015 will be prosperous for millions more people because of the internet, so are YOU going to hook up with someone and work with them or are you just going to please your boss or maybe work a 60, 70, 80 hour per week business??